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            Aaron, Derek, Carter & Stein, LLC is a debt collection firm which specializes in legal recovery.  By legal recovery we mean that we use the legal system to collect debts that are unable to be resolved with letters and telephone calls alone.


            The personnel at this firm have over 20 years combined experience in legal recovery and debt collections. We pride ourselves on handling debts in an effective, yet professional manner, intended to expedite the repayment of outstanding receivables. Though we are professional and intense in our efforts to collect your receivables, we adhere very strictly to the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) and to the FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act.

We appreciate your considering Aaron, Derek, Carter & Stein for your outstanding accounts receivable and collections needs.  Unlike most collection firms, we do not send numerous letters and make numerous calls. If after a few attempts to contact debtors, they fail to repay the debt; we simply verify employment and/or assets and proceed with legal action.

Typically, our fee is approximately one third of what we collect on your behalf. That way, we only get paid when you get paid. The only additional costs that you might incur would be court costs and filing fees for legal actions taken, and only when you authorise us to do so.  Those monies will be added to the debtor’s outstanding balance, which once collected, will be reimbursed to you. We do not charge you extra for sending our attorney's to court to represent your cases.  At the end of each month, we provide you with a detailed report as to the status of you accounts; and between monthly reports, we are just a phone call or email away.

            Since we operate on a contingency basis, we do not buy bad debt. However, we do welcome any potential clients with ongoing collection needs, and we have been privileged to work for the following:

    ● Doctors                Landlords                  Bail Bondsmen            
     Dentists                 Chiropractors            And More
     Attorneys               Specialty Clinics
     Psychologists         Check Cashers
             We are sincerely committed to providing both our clients and the debtors with prompt and courteous service.   



Aaron, Derek, Carter & Stein, LLC
21403 Chagrin Boulevard, Suite 295
Beachwood, Ohio 44122
Phone (216) 751-8400
Toll Free (877) 751-8441
Fax (216) 751-8495

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